First Radical Democracy videos online: Changemaker

What’s the best way to show media makers what you mean? Make a video. Which is exactly what we did. After we finalised what the #RadicalDemocracyEurope Call is all about, we created four examples to inspire you – in collaboration with some fantastic media makers. We proudly present: Changemaker.

ChangemakerDavid Sypniewski from Warsaw introduces his local heroes: a tribute to three remarkable individuals that look to the future, and not the past, of their fellow human beings. Watch Changemaker here.

David: ‘These three people treat with dignity and respect those who are stereotyped by society. Convicts (Sławek Foundation), refugees (Kisz Misz) and mentally disabled people (Ekon) – groups that an ordinary Pole does not want to have anything to do with. Moreover, what drives them is not pity. They employ these people to everyone’s advantage: the employees, clients and society as a whole, showing how important it is to fight stereotypes.’

Changemaker was commissioned by the Association of the Creative Initiatives “ę”, Doc Next Network partner in Warsaw (Poland), to reflect on the category Local Heroes // How do you think local heroes can change Europe? Changemaker premièred at the BFI Future Film Festival on 21 February 2014.

David Sypniewski is a graduate of the Culture Animation department of the University of Warsaw and of Intercultural Dialogue at the INALCO Institute in Paris. He is a culture animator or, if you prefer, a social artist. His ‘toolkit’ is filled with film, theatre, singing, stilts, photography, and anti-discrimination trainings. David lives in Warsaw.


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