First Radical Democracy videos online: To You

What’s the best way to show media makers what you mean? Make a video. Which is exactly what we did. After we finalised what the #RadicalDemocracyEurope Call is all about, we created four examples to inspire you – in collaboration with some fantastic media makers. We proudly present: To You.

To You

To You – Settling in in Czech Republic hasn’t been easy for Nazlı Kaya, who moved there from Turkey to study and stayed because of Tomáš. Will Czech society, and Europe, be more welcoming when their child arrives in this world? Watch their video here.

Nazlı and Tomáš: ‘We decided to make a very personal and intimate message to the future. Imagining that we have a child, what kind of Europe awaits him/her? Will she or he struggle with the same old problems that bother us in 2014 or will these be the nearly forgotten and hard-to-imagine jokes of yesterday? Will his/her appearance influence his/her destiny? Will our child be accepted into society as she/he is no matter what his/her ethnicity, colour, face, language and cultural background?’

‘We want to be taken as HUMANS first, not as aliens. Will foreigners applying for a European visa still need to face a sign that says “ALIEN POLICE” above the entrance of the foreign police? We are curious what will happen when our child is old enough to understand what this short film is about. Will he/she watch it with a smile or will it make him/her sad?’

To You was commissioned by MODE Istanbul, Doc Next partner in Istanbul (Turkey), to reflect on the category Time Capsule // What do you want Europe to be like in the future? To You premièred at the 7th BFI Future Film Festival on 21 February 2014.

Akile Nazlı Kaya (*1980) is an award-winning Turkish animator/director/designer working and living in Prague, Czech Republic. She is a graduate of Graphic Design from Bilkent University in Ankara (2003), and  of CAS – Audiovisual Studies at Film and Television School in Prague, FAMU (2012). Combining cut-out animation techniques with documentary filmmaking, she focuses on themes such as immigration, food security and personal freedoms.

Tomáš Doruška (*1977) is a Czech editor, director and producer of documentary films. He graduated from FAMU with his 35mm movie debut Radhošť (2001) which was released in cinemas and won the 2002 FICC prize. As an editor, he has participated in about 50 projects, both feature films and independent documentaries. He is a Deputy Head of Editing Department at FAMU and a faculty member of an International FAMU.

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