First Radical Democracy videos online: Yo creo

What’s the best way to show media makers what you mean? Make a video. Which is exactly what we did. After we finalised what the #RadicalDemocracyEurope Call is all about, we created four examples to inspire you – in collaboration with some fantastic media makers. We proudly present: Yo creo.

Yo creo

Yo creo (I Believe) – A true politician if ever there was one, F. Torres hits the streets of Sevilla for his European Parliament election campaign. Lucas Tello & camera are his faithful companions. Watch the video here.

Lucas: ‘What kind of politicians do we need in Spain when it comes to Europe? We created a character who reminds us of right-wing politicians. We want to laugh at them, we need to laugh at them, because they are a source of big discomfort in our daily lives. Laughter as a method against misery.’

Yo creo (I Believe) was commissioned by ZEMOS98, Doc Next partner in Sevilla (Spain), to reflect on the category Failections // What is it that you really (don’t) like about your politicians in Europe? Yo creo premièred at the BFI Future Film Festival on 21 February 2014.

Lucas Tello has been working with ZEMOS98 for the last two years, mainly editing and producing videos. He is interested in investigating the nature of politics in every audiovisual work.

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