Proud to present: 30 Finalists

We are proud to present the 30 Finalists of the Radical Democracy: European Video Challenge 2014.

Online audiences spoke out and cast nearly 9000 votes for their favourite videos. 5 top Audience Choices won a wild card and a place on the list of Finalists:

Narodna Kuhinja (Soup Kitchen) by Siniša Stojanović Sinister [623 votes]

Beduk – It’s a Riot by Muammer Kocak [566 votes]

Timeheroes by Velianna Miroslavova Kasheva [531 votes]

Local Heroes: Volunteer Organisation “Paseleidja“ by Robi Uppin [465 votes]

I Have a Plan by Lucía Muñoz [444 votes]

A Pre-Selection Committee representing the Doc Next Network partner organisations selected the other 25 Finalists:

Against Poverty by Sonia Ros Muriel

A Mérleg Nyelve (The Scale of the Balance) by Barnabás Tóth

Anna by Sophie Perrins, Jaha Browne

Boxer by Agata Kochaniewicz, Anna Adamowicz, Piotr Grywacze

Cacofonie by Victoria Fiore

Democracy by Hande Zerkin

Güneşli Günler Dileriz (We Wish Sunny Days) by Canberk Arıncı

Hope Area #2 by Jeanne Dressen

Italy 2023 by Veronica De Salvo

Koit from Lauküla by Maria Kivirand

La Cara Oculta de la Libertad (The Unknow Side of Freedom) by Afra Rigamonti

Le Complexe de la Viande by Claudio Cavallari

Ne szavazz 25 alatt! (Don’t vote under 25!) by Júlia Balázs

#Ocupaeldinero (#Occupythemoney) by Terrorismo de autor

Partij Tegen de Burg by Stephane Kaas

Radical Democracy in Practice by Milan Perisic

Sinceridad (Sincerity) by Andrea Casaseca Ferrer

(S)laughter by Filip Muki Dobranic

Sme Europania (We are Europeans) by Jozef Pollak

Spomenik by Dario Djurakovic

The Pond by Dimitris Argyriou

The Trees of Gezi by Italo Rondinella

They Have a Dream! by Farnaz Bonyadgozar

Tornistan (Backward Run) by Ayce Kartal

Welcome to Oxmouth by John Panton

Congrats to all media makers! We’ll be making proper introductions soon, so stay tuned via Facebook. Meanwhile, watch all 30 Finalist videos here. Curious about what’s next? Here’s who will choose our winners, and how.

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