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In May 2004 ten countries joined the EU in a spirit of hope, solidarity and expectation. We had left the Cold War days behind us and things were looking up for a united Europe. Ten years on this bright picture is tainted by renewed tensions, economic crises, austerity cuts, high unemployment and rising xenophobia. Who is to blame? In the category Failections, media makers took on their politicians and leaders – and with gusto.

Slovenian collective Today Is a New Day for example, mimicked the words of their so-called leaders in (S)LAUGHTER. ‘People should take responsibility for their own opinions. Words are deeds and they create realities. The words our leaders speak are often downright offensive, hostile, arrogant, and, well, quite silly.’ Dutch Stéphane Kaas made a campaign video for the PARTY AGAINST CITIZENS: ‘Finally, a politician doesn’t make any hollow promises and tells the public the truth.’

Hungarian collective Hello90 ironically adresses the perceived superficiliaty of young people in DON’T VOTE UNDER 25! According to them, ‘our generation may seem to lack interest in politics but it is because political campaigns and decision-makers don’t address us.’ On the other hand, Lucía Muñoz can hardly be blamed for apathy: in I HAVE A PLAN, this feisty lady is ready to kick some ass. Says Lucía: ‘We believe in parody as a way to communicate the really awful message that advertising and media represent. Through humor, we deconstruct those messages. Because laughter is important in every healthy revolution!’

Meanwhile Polish quartet Agata, Anna, Mateusz and Piotr found the solution to failing politicians everywhere: ‘We are the generation of transformation, one that increasingly sees politicians as selfish buffoons. Is there a way of making politics that could satisfy us?’ Meet BOXER, a perfect candidate!

For these and more Failections films about the sorry state of European politics and alternatives, go to the Videos section and click on the ‘Failections’ button.

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