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If only we could travel through time… Well, even without a time machine there’s a lot to discover in today’s Europe. Alternate realities, overlooked details and new angles that put the present in a different perspective. Time Capsule: let our finalists take you on a trip.

How about Italy, in say 2023? In Veronica de Salvo’s dystopian view of the future ITALY 2023, Italy will be run like a TV show. ‘A change is needed and we have to do something now before everything degenerates like a show in my video.’

On the other hand, in DEMOCRACY, Hande Zerkin on the other hand returns to the origins of how mass media conveyed the happy message of democracy back in the days. ‘We have been watching the ghost of democracy for a very long time. I think video and remix are powerful tools to reconstruct terms like justice and transparency and build a new meaning of democracy.’

Dario Djukarovic brings the tumultuous history of Banja Luka to life through the story of the Ferhat Pasha mosque in SPOMENIK. To him the message is clear: ‘Let Ferhat Pasha (Ferhadija) be a cultural and historical symbol of reunion for all people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have to learn to preserve our historical values no matter to which nationality or religion it belongs.’

Audience Choice finalist BEDUK – IT’S A RIOT brings you back right smack in the middle of the Gezi Park protest in Istanbul. It is a time capsule to a different reality: the reality of the streets as opposed to what the Turkish media said was happening. Says Muammer Kocak: ‘There are millions of people on the streets trying to shout out their thoughts against the antidemocratic system, but all the television channels are showing is bullshit. Going out with your camera or smart phone, publishing your records on social media and becoming your own journalist was the only way and I did that.’

In CACOFONIE Victoria Fiore travels with Alexandre from Romania to the UK. What starts out as a journey of hopeful expectation ends with a cacophony of blaming and unfounded claims. Victoria poses the ultimate question troubling Europe: ‘What does community in Europe mean; is it each individual nation to their own, or is Europe more inclusive and borderless? In that case, whose responsibility is it to create a sense of community, and how should this be done?’

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