Why Radical Democracy? #1 | The ghost of Europe

What does Doc Next Network want to achieve through the Radical Democracy Video Challenge? Why do we think it is relevant? Lucas Tello from Sevilla-based ZEMOS98 gives his take:

‘A ghost is haunting Europe. It doesn’t have a communist face this time, but is shaped by crowds of very different people who have come to realize what causes their disillusionment. This ghost is haunting the Europe of the big summits and conferences, of economic indicators, of hidden misery.

Waves of changes are taking place at so many different levels of society we can hardly fathom their importance. Thousand of peoples from the Middle East to Italy, Greece and Spain have faced their fears. They have changed their value system: they have turned the spotlight from economic growth to civil emancipation.

The media, governments and institutions try to understand these waves through the only signs they can read: economical development, growth, and prosperity. Thus, they prove unable to realize what has changed in Europeans’ minds, unable to find new ways of explaining the protests and criticism. They are incapable of measuring this change, because it takes place at grassroots level. The mentality of change is sown in marginal spaces of society, where the hardship of daily life is no longer bearable.

‘The awareness that together we can achieve a true transformation’

If you join any of the demonstrations that are restoring life to Europe, you will find that each individual has a different reason to protest. Each of these reasons is the tip of the iceberg; it is only when we see them all together that the big picture emerges: the system is rotten. This common ground is the crowds’ strength. It also signifies the great, and ever growing, victory of citizenship: the awareness that together we can achieve a true transformation from the bottom – and not from the top – of society.

In an increasingly technological world, our ways of expressing disenchantment are also taking new shapes. If the great tales of modernity have died, millions of memories are shaping new, personal stories. We can observe these changes through the videos produced for online audiences, music, independent journalism and visual arts. They form part of an emerging ecosystem in which the recognition of the otherness is absolutely essential.

‘How to recognize human interdependence?’

It is the key question for any new system: how to combine individuality and collectivity, how to recognize human interdependence? How to build a common path from different personal stories? The Radical Democracy European Video Challenge is like a grain of salt in to cook up a virus of change that, in the end, will affect all.’

//21.04.2014 21:39

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